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Russian Pomegranate Trees

Russian Pomegranate Trees
These pomegranate trees are sweet, juicy and can survive temperatures down to 5 degrees in zones 6-11. Plus they produce an abundance of beautiful bright orange flowers over an extended period of time during the spring. Both the flowers and the fruit produced at a very young age. We've seen fruit on 2-year old plants! Pomegranate trees are easy to grow and are low maintenance. They are not only good but good for you. Pomegranates are both self-pollinated and cross pollinated by insects, wind plays little or no role in pollination. Even though they are characterized as self-fertile, cross pollination by another variety has increased yields as much as 60%. Trees grow to about 10 feet in height with and equal spread at maturity. Exceptionally heat tolerant. Prefers full sun for best fruit production but will tolerate some light shade. Adaptable to almost any type of soil providing the soil is well-drained. Quite drought tolerant when established.
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Nikitski Ranni (R19)  Russian Pomegranate

Nikitski Ranni (R19) Russian Pomegranate

Produces high yields of delicious pomegranates.
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