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Ison Muscadine - 2 Yr Bareroot

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Sold Out Until Fall 2016

The Ison muscadine vine is a beautiful black variety that is the best self-fertile available. The Ison muscadine contains 19% sugar and has excellent size and production. The Ison muscadine vine produces some of the best wine available because of its taste and flavor.

The Ison muscadine skin is edible and the most nutritious part of the grape. This muscadine vines fruit ripens uniformly early to mid-season. The Ison muscadine vine produces beautiful large clusters. The Ison is great for all uses. All of our red jellies at preserves at our nursery are made with the Ison muscadine. The Ison muscadine produces some of the best juice we have ever tasted. Developed here at Ison's Nursery and one of the varieties we are most proud of. Patent Protected #5822.

Available Sizes:

2 Year Bare-root - The majority of the muscadine plants we grow are 2 year bare-root. The average length of these muscadine vines are 2-4' with an excellent root system. Price: $8.95 each (Quantity discounts available.)

Quantity discounts available on 2 year bare-root muscadine vines as follows:

1-25 Plants Price: $8.95 each

26-50 Plants Price: $8.50 each

50-up Plants Call for Pricing
For large quantity breaks call for pricing

2 Year Plus Bare-root - These are the largest and highest quality muscadine plants that we offer. They have had exceptional growth, with an excellent root system and average length is 5-6'. These muscadine vines will be very close to reaching the top wire of your trellis. Price: $12.95 each

2 year Potted - Beautiful two year muscadine vines in one gallon containers. This gives the grower the convenience of planting when you're ready and eliminates the guess work of the planting depth. There is a six plant minimum order. You can mix and match varieties. Due to the weight of the package there is $20.00 shipping charge per 6 plants ordered. Price: $12.50 each