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Sweet Jenny Muscadine - 2 Yr Bareroot

SKU: MUSCADINES:Sweet Jenny $9.50
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The Sweet Jenny muscadine vine produces very large delicious fruit. This muscadine is a very vigorous vine. The muscadine is a very consistent producer with excellent quality and taste. The Sweet Jenny contains 23% sugar and has a edible skin. The Sweet Jenny muscadine vine is very disease resistant. Ripens early to mid-season. Developed at Ison's Nursery. Patent Protected #5831. NOTE: Female variety that must be planted within 50 feet of a self-fertile variety in order to produce fruit.

2 Year Bare-root - The majority of the muscadine plants we grow are 2 year bare-root. The average length of these muscadine vines are 3-5' with an excellent root system.

Quantity discounts available on 2 year bare-root muscadine vines as follows:

1-20 Plants Price: $9.50 each

21-50 Plants Price: $8.75 each

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